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Vermont Facts

Vermont is one of the best places to visit and live in the USA. The state is very popular as one of the skiing and family tourist destinations. Vermont has a short history with many historical incidents. French and British both initially settled in the 18th century. The conflict between two nations lasted until French had lost the French and Indian war. The British took the ownership of the land and during the revolution, Vermont separated itself from the other 13 original colonies. Vermont is a very popular skiing location with its mountains. Vermont offers maple syrup and the popular Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. The size of this beautiful landscape is just 9616 square miles and the capital is Montpelier. Climate is very supportive but sometimes it changes unpredictably.

Basic description

The weather is difficult to predict in some occasions but the climate is more stable and it is classified as Continental moist. Unlike many other states, Vermont has four distinct seasons. The lower areas of the state get about 60 inches of snow and higher up gets about 120 inches in the southern Green Mountains. During the winter season, the average temperature usually stays around 22 degrees Fahrenheit and the snow melts when the average temperature reaches 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer begins at the end of March and rains pour down on the melting snow. This causes the mass overflow of the rivers and streams. Sometimes Vermont has to experience severe floods during the summer season. Summer officially starts on 21st or 22nd and ends on 21st or 22nd of September. These days are hot with a higher level of humidity. The temperature might reach 70 to 80 Fahrenheit. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Vermont. The hills and valleys become gold and red making a very beautiful site.

Things to do:

Visit farms, museums, parks………. Take part in festivals and farming and other activities.

Vermont offers a lot of activities for kids and adults to make their visit an unforgettable one. The mountains are popular places for skiing, zip lines, snowboarding and canopy tours which make the participant thrilled and chilled by the nature of this beautiful state. There are family adventure trips consisting of swimming in the cold lakes, fishing, and walking along the natural trails. There are many places for the family to visit such as museums, and farm visits. The adults and kids can enjoy festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

The covered bridges are one of the places that the visitors love to enjoy. There are more than 100 covered bridges, so that state has become on to the state with highly photogenic structures. The Windsor-Cornish Covered Bridge is the largest covered bridge in the state and the country. These structures have added a panoramic beauty to the state.

The Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury is one of the most popular events to travelers. It is crafted by Stephen Huneck to commemorate his beloved dog pets. Ben & Jerry's factory which is situated in Waterbury, Vermont, is one of the places that a visitor has to check. The incredible history of the factory is demonstrated with the help of the historical documents and documentary movies.

The Billings farm and museum located at Woodstock, Vermont, is one of the very interesting diaries. Both elders and kids can have the experience of farming the sustainable use of the land. There are more than 60 jersey cows.

The President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site is one of the most important places that a visitor has to include in his itinerary. He is the only president that was elected to the presidency from Vermont. The entire surrounding village and the store of the late president's father are also well preserved.

The Vermont Institute of Nature Science Centre is another place that a person can visit falcons, eagles and other types of raptors. The kids can enjoy a large number of activities in this location, which covers more than 45 acres. It consists of more than 20 gardens, several historic buildings, and a covered bridge. There is one very specific item, and it is a restored steamboat, Ticonderoga.

In order to learn many important facts about Vermont under one roof, a person can visit the Shelburne Museum which is located in Shelburne. There are sections for American folk art and also Americana. There are paintings, quilts, toys and many more.

The largest granite quarry is located in Rock of Ages in Barre, Vermont, and it is one of the interesting places for the visitors to Vermont. It is the filming location for Star Trek movie 2000. The visors can witness the harvesting process of massive granite blocks and there is the tallest structure of the state, Bennington Battle Monument. A sightseeing experience of the 360-degree view can be obtained by ascending this structure. It is over 306 feet and commemorates one of the critical battles of the US revolution.

Places for family fun and experience

Morse Farm Maple Sugar works

This is a farm with more than 200 years of experience the entire family can enjoy the picturesque surrounding, sweets such as maple syrup, jellies, jam and many more to try. The farm shows the way that they make their favorite maple syrup. The Woodshed Theater offers the visitors educational videos and there are many more opportunities such as a nature trail, and many more.

Vermont Teddy Bear factory

This is another perfect family outing in Vermont. The visitors have the opportunity to visit the factory with one of the bears' Ambassadors. After the tour, there is the Bear shop and the kids can create their own Bear.

Green Mountain Coffee visitors Center and Café

This part a classroom and one of the important landmarks. Restored in 1875, this place for the learning about the coffee. The interactive display and video demonstrator the plantation and harvesting of the coffee. The gift shop is full of various types and sizes of coffee items.

So there are many things to do in Vermont and many places to visit. Vermont offers the best resident facilities to the visitors and the locals. There are many hotels for accommodation according to the requirements of the particular person. There are luxuries hotels which offer elegant furniture, polished wooden floors, crisp beeline, and tasty dishes. One such is Lang House on Main Street. It is one of the 19th-century creations and offers the charms of the same age offers the best food and the facilities. The Inn at Manchester offers the best B&B added with top-grade country-style rooms. The Maple Leaf Inn has the charm of welcoming old-world sprits. The visitors are attracted by its old-fashioned rocking chairs placed on the porch, s rooms of the country–style and the panoramic view over a lake which is covered by the forest.

How to travel?

In order to experience these places of interest in Vermont, it is better to find ways and means of reaching Vermont in the first place. The first method is to reach there by air. Burlington International Airport offers facilities for many domestic air service providers. Vermont offers commercial airline service to and from Burlington International Airport. The airport is located in South Burlington. From the airport, a person can use one of the following, Link Express, bus, taxi or carpooling with fellow travelers. There are many companies that offer shuttle service to and from the airport and to many other destinations. Vermont Shuttle service offers the following services to the people according to their requirements.

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Bus service

There are uses start from New York City, Boston from Rutland many other destinations. A traveler can contact the travel agent and obtain the information about the required bus journey. There are special busses in the certain times of the year.

Train service

There is a daily service between New York City and Rutland, VT. Amtrak offers this service and a visitor can gain more information by visiting their website or contacting the traveling agent.

Vermont is one of the places that are worth visiting and staying for a while. The places of interest can offer both experiences of nature and education, so it can be very useful for the kids who love learning by exploring and experimenting. The gorgeous mountains offer the best places for skiing and one can experience the best of Mother Nature by visiting those mountains and the manmade structures. The historical factories are frequently visited by the families, as they can offer both fun and the experience. Those places are far, and it may take few hours to reach by public transportation services, so by taking the advantage of shuttle service one can save time and enjoy most of Vermont. According to reviews of many visitors, Vermont can be the best place for a person to get near to the history of the USA and also to the wonders of Mother Nature.

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