Burlington VT to Albany NY, Burlington Vermont Taxi to Albany NY

1-802-343-3780 Vermont Shuttle Phone Number Please Call or text

February 9, 2021


Our rate to shuttle you to or from Albany NY and Burlington Vt is $350.00. The trip normally takes about 3 hours. It is the same rate if there is only 1 person or 6 people in your party. We have more than 15 years experience transporting customers in the area.

We are not a fly by the night transportation company. We can also taxi you to the Albany NY Airport (ALB). BTV to ALB taxi/shuttle services. Our rates are very competitive and we are never going to overcharge the customers.

We have enjoyed transporting customers to or from airports, doctors appointments. resorts, colleges and to or from their personal residences. We are a very safe and reliable shuttle service in the Burlington Vt area. It has now entered another slow period in our business. So, we have time to work on our website. We all can only pray that we don't lose any loved ones during this pandemic. Our drivers will make sure that you get to your destination on time without any worries.

Shuttle with us to/from Albany NY and Burlington VT. Do you need to go close to or farther than Albany or Burlington? Give us a call and we can hopefully work out a good deal for you. For your information, yes we are okay if you want to bring your pets with you.


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