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Save time and money with the Vermont Shuttle. A comfortable taxi/shuttle service from Burlington, VT, to Albany, NY, and Albany, NY, to Burlington, VT

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Burlington to Albany taxi/shuttle

Taxi and shuttle service from Burlington to Albany and from Albany to Burlington is simple.

Are you looking for door-to-door travel with simple taxi or shuttle booking steps? Let Vermont shuttles become your savior. We provide the most reliable transportation from Burlington to Albany and from Albany to Burlington. We provide up-to-date schedules of the rides, exact traveling times, estimated share amounts, and route maps on our site. You can choose from a variety of deluxe and comfortable vehicles according to your needs and desires. You can reserve online, which makes the reservation process easy and simple.

We believe in affordability and safety for your ride. That’s why we offer incomparable rates from the Burlington International Airport (BTV) or Burlington itself to anywhere in Albany, NY.

Our rate for the shuttle from Albany, NY, to Burlington, VT, is $350.00.

The trip usually takes about 3 hours. The fares are the same, whether there is one person or six people with you.

If you want to go to a different place and are interested in knowing how much we charge, you don’t need to hesitate. Just call us at (802) 343-3780. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Vermont Shuttles offers transportation services from Burlington, Vermont, to Albany, New York, or vice versa. We are an enthusiastic team of drivers working to fulfill your need to travel. Our professional chauffeur will take you anywhere in New England, including Canada, Montreal, or Vermont.

Our licensed, experienced drivers will make sure you are getting the most comfortable experience and reaching your destination safely at affordable rates—no need to worry about waiting in the long lines of traffic or navigating the traffic.

All you have to do is book through our website and reserve with Vermont Shuttle. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your travels!

Vermont Shuttles has more than 15 years of experience offering transportation services to customers. Our customers love our services, and Vermont Shuttle takes pride in transporting its customers comfortably. We transport our customers from and to doctor’s appointments, clinics, airports, colleges, resorts, and their residences with the love and care they deserve.

We are not just an airport travel or night transportation company. We work 24/7 for you. We can also move you to the Albany, NY, airport or the Burlington, VT, airport via taxi or shuttle service. As mentioned above, the ride rates are inexpensive, and overcharging the customer is not in our working policy.

Do you need to go close to or farther from Burlington or Albany? If yes, just give us a call, and we’ll offer you the best deal according to your requirements.

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Things to do in Burlington, VT:

Feel the charm of the green mountains in Burlington, VT!

Burlington is the state’s largest city. The modest size of the city is Burlington's charm, which you can’t neglect. Nature is so prevalent here, and green mountains attract visitors. There are many great things you can do when you reach Burlington. This city is ideal for campus tours and the usual visits.

The sprawling fields and farmland, which are great for hiking and skiing in the green mountains, are only 10 minutes from Burlington. The other side of Burlington has the glittering Lake Champlain, which divides Vermont from its adjacent neighbor, New York.

Natural beauty is everywhere in Burlington. The famous places you can visit are:


Albany, New York Attractions

Say yes to the amazing views of Albany, NY!

Albany has always welcomed visitors to this beautiful New York capital. This urban city has a lot to offer its guests: Albany’s world-class museums, fascinating historic views, a flourishing craft beverage scene, and outdoor adventures. Whether you visit Albany, NY, on a family vacation or want to explore the city between business meetings, you can do plenty of things here. You can discover the mesmerizing beauty of Albany, NY, by visiting these places:

COVID-19 Safety Measures

The coronavirus has disrupted the entire travel industry. Customers, as well as the travel industry, are now aware of safety precautions. To make our customers' travel 100% safe, we are offering hygienic and clean rides. In each vehicle, our driver wears a mask and follows the SOPs.

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You can pay in cash or online. We also accept all types of debit and credit cards for customer convenience.

You have six hours before the ride to cancel. You won’t be charged any penalties or extra charges if you cancel the ride at the right time.

We operate 24 hours a day, and our customer service is also available to listen to your queries.

We are not limited by the mileage restrictions. We can transport you anywhere.

Make sure to notify an official member of the staff wherever you are staying, or you can call the COVID-19 helpline number at (800) 232-4636.

Yes, you can. Traveling within the United States is allowed.

Yes, you can take your pets along with you on our rides.

There are a few conditions that you need to follow while traveling to Burlington:

The road distance between Albany and Burlington is 150 miles.

Burlington has over 57 hotels to choose from. The prices start at $100 USD per night.

Our rate to shuttle you to or from Albany, NY, and Burlington, VT, is $350.00. The trip normally takes about 3 hours. It is the same price whether you have one person or six people in your party. We have more than 18 years of experience transporting customers in the area.

We are not a fly-by-night transportation company. We can also taxi you to Albany International Airport (ALB). Taxi and shuttle services from BTV to ALB are available. Our rates are very competitive, and we are never going to overcharge the customers.

We have enjoyed transporting customers to or from airports and doctor's appointments. resorts, colleges, and to or from their residences. We are a very safe and reliable shuttle service in the Burlington, VT, area. It has now entered another slow period in our business. So, we have time to work on our website. We can only pray that we don't lose any loved ones during this pandemic. Our drivers will make sure that you get to your destination on time without any worries.

Shuttle with us to and from Albany, NY, and Burlington, VT. Do you need to go closer to or farther than Albany or Burlington? Give us a call, and we can hopefully work out a good deal for you. For your information, yes, we are okay if you want to bring your pets with you.


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